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2. No International Spectators at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics??

Updated: May 28, 2022

You’ve probably heard the news. Japan is barring international spectators from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Thanks a lot, Covid! Now what?

Since you can’t go to Japan, why not use your time to get more proficient at Japanese, so when you do go, it will be even more amazing! Because speaking the language means being able to have more fun, engaging experiences in Japan! The proficiency passports on can help you chart a course to Japanese proficiency, quickly and enjoyably.

How to Use Your Proficiency Passport

If you’re an absolute beginner, get your Absolute Beginner Proficiency Passport. If you’re not an absolute beginner, come back soon. We’re adding more content regularly. And don’t forget to share this with all of your absolute beginner friends. Most people know at least one person who wants to learn Japanese, but who hasn’t started yet. Sharing is caring!

How exactly do you use the passport? There are three simple steps.

1. Watch the videos. Each course is divided into manageable chunks presented in video lessons. At the end, you’ll have a chance to test your growing proficiency. You can decide if you mastered the new lesson or not. If you did, go to step three!

2. Do the exercises. Next grab the flashcards, because you’ve got some studying to do. This may be a set of hiragana characters, some simple expressions, or something else. When you’re ready, give yourself an assessment or use the one in the video.

3. Check the boxes. When you think you’ve mastered the lesson, you can check off the “Video lesson” box and the “Proficiency task” box. That’s it! You’ve done it. You’ve taken the next step, and doesn’t that feel great!

The Absolute Beginner Proficiency Passport can be downloaded here

So, even if you can’t travel to Japan right now, you can still work on becoming more proficient in Japanese, and when you get the chance to put your skills to the test, whether that’s traveling to Japan, talking to someone in Japanese, or just watching a Japanese show, you’ll have those ah-ha moment that make studying so satisfying.

がんばって!(Ganbatte) Hang in there!


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